Forget What You Know and Learn to Teach Again

Forget What You Know and Learn to Teach Again
Waterfall, Heredia, Costa Rica

My Spanish language learner adventures in Colombia inspired my return to the teaching profession. However, this time around I planned to focus my efforts on English Language Learners (ELL).

As a former math and science teacher, 16yrs removed and officially retired from the military, I found myself enrolled in a graduate level ELL degree program without a classroom or ELL students of my own to observe, research, reference etc. There was no turning back, so I found ways to gain an inside look at ELL teaching.

I began my quest for personal professional development by volunteering in an ELL classroom at my local elementary school. This experience provided great exposure to ELL students, kindergarten through 4th grade but 6 months into my degree program I wanted more practical experience and something that might further validate what I was learning.

Why not Costa Rica? The flights are cheap, the weather is great and the International TEFL Academy (ITA) Costa Rica offers a curriculum that complements just about any ELL degree program or U.S, public school ELL classroom, which includes 20hrs of practicums, just enough time to put theory into practice. Read more

Have you ever been lost without the ability to communicate?

Have you ever been lost without the ability to communicate?
Medellin, Colombia


If you are an International TEFL teacher, I know you have had this experience whether it was physically or metaphorically. This question is geared more toward the U.S public school teacher, who has English Language Learners (ELL) in their mainstream or ELL classroom but has never really experienced what it is like to be surrounded by a language you do not understand.

For those of you that haven’t had this experience, let me introduce you to language immersion.

It can be exciting, new, fun, incredibly difficult, frustrating, embarrassing, scary, demeaning, BUT the one thing it is NOT…it is not easy. Read more

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